Our Company

CuminPay is a licensed payment institution and Fintech company which develops global payment processing and digital banking solutions. Our cutting-edge technology helps start-ups, media companies, affiliates, financial and Fintech companies, education, real estate and other industries. We do our best to simplify and fasten on-line banking, e-commerce, and payment collection procedures of our clients.

We offer a one-stop-shop for payments, funds collection, payment processing, and transfers, which is a unique suite of solutions. Also, we deliver highly competitive e-commerce and unified commerce solutions in the area of digital banking. CuminPay services are designed for international businesses to facilitate their needs in on-line banking services. First, it is collecting payments from their clients and paying to their international suppliers. Also, we offer fast and secure currency exchanges.

Our services eliminate the hassle of sending and receiving money across international borders. Automated technology checks the scope of the services with respect to the payments made. Our goal is to automate our services, make them easier and safer. We make it simple for companies to pay their counterparties and accept payments directly via our platform.

CuminPay developed its own state-of-the-art collection & payment platform, which is consistent with the modern business requirements. By simplifying the on-line banking processes, making them easier and more secure we create a strong tool for businesses to operate in international markets. Set up an account with us. Accept payments from international customers and global marketplaces and wire funds to your partners or suppliers anywhere in the world.


Our platform provides the following facilities

  •  - Possibility to make transfers within our system including incoming and outgoing payments
  •  - Possibility to exchange currencies and process debit cards
  •  - Account users are able to provide payments, download statements, and monitor their activity
  •  - Possibility to process payments to and from the leading e-wallets, which are integrated on our platform




What our client say about us

The creativity and passion of our client partners drives us to be our very best.


Jason Well

Sales Manager

I am impressed with the lighting speed in which my calls are returned, emails replied to, and solutions are provided.


Sarah Miller

Market analyst

Simple helps me save money, and grows my money with the savings account too. Highly recommend!


Susan Smith

Banker Consultant

Can't say enough about the customer service of CuminPay Suppprt. Everything is 100% professional and very responsive.


John Adam

Web developer

Works across multiple operating systems. Easy to use, and creates very secure passwords if you request them.