About Us

CaribPay is a revolutionary online neo-wallet solution established to meet the needs of Caribbean people and the world at large by making global money transfers as simple as sending a text.
Necessity- “mother of all inventions” we understand the shortcomings of the financial industry in Caribbean countries where access to the foreign market poses more issues than necessary. With CaribPay, the world is your marketplace.
We offer a platform that enables persons to be paid in foreign currency without excessive bank charges while being able to access those funds quickly and in the local currency of over 50 countries.
We aim to bring the world a little bit closer by empowering people and businesses to join and thrive in the global economy.
This borderless, customer-centric platform is personalized to your financial circumstance and will serve as your trusted companion to manage and grow your money.
We believe that everyone, regardless of location and culture, deserves an equal opportunity to succeed, and as such CaribPay strives to maintain consistency in delivering a superior experience in service, and reminding ourselves that we can always do more to meet the needs of our clients.
Whether you choose to buy, sell, or gift, we are here to provide a simple, user-friendly payment system for instant, secure, and unlimited access to your funds. This wallet solution comprises a free mobile app and accompanying Mastercard.

Our Vision

To establish a financial system where persons are confident in the leveled playing field, to build pathways of opportunity where everyone can operate at their fullest potential with limitless possibilities at hand.