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We have integrated some of the crypto currencies exchangers, so our platform allows for exchange of various digital currencies. This feature enables our clients to fund the account by multi cryptocurrencies and enjoy the benefits of having all solutions in one place.

About CuminPay

CuminPay is a licensed payment institution and Fintech company which develops global payment processing and digital banking solutions. Our cutting-edge technology helps start-ups, media companies, affiliates, financial and Fintech companies, education, real estate and other industries. We do our best to simplify and fasten on-line banking, e-commerce, and payment collection procedures of our clients.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange

CuminPay is connected to some of the largest crypto exchange platforms. Our clients can buy and sell cryptocurrencies via their CuminPay account, and enjoy the best rates.

Digital Banking

CuminPay platform allows our clients to perform any kind of digital banking activity with no need for a physical presence.

Designated Unique Iban

CuminPay account has a unique IBAN (International Bank Account Number) which allows our clients to send funds straight to the user’s account by the means of the bank transfer.

CuminPay offers a simple, secure, and scalable banking.

We want to create superior value for our clients, shareholders and employees. And we want to stand out as a winner in our industry: for our expertise, advice and execution, our contribution to society, our work environment, and our business success.

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Turn on Round-up Rules and start saving up effortlessly. Whenever you make a purchase, Goals make it easy to save for the things you want or want to do. There’s no need for spreadsheets or extra apps to budget and track your money.

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  1. Fill out the Personal account application form at www.cuminpay.com
  2. In order to complete the Personal account opening process, you need to provide us with the following documents:


  • Proof of identity – colored copy of passport or national ID document. Identification document must have a reference number, a photo, a signature, date of birth and an expiration date.


  • Proof of address – colored copy of utility bill less than 3 months old (electricity, gas, water, Internet, phone). Alternatively, we can accept a confirmation of residential address from a city hall or similar document that confirms the person lives at a certain address. Bank statements are not accepted as a proof of residency.

  1. After having your application for a CuminPay approved, you will receive a welcome email. Click the link in the welcome email access your CuminPay account.



  • In the first step, you will be asked to set a password for your CuminPay account. The password must be composed of lowercase letters a-z, uppercase letters A-Z, numbers 0-9 and symbols. After entering your desired password in the Password field and confirming it by entering it again in the Confirm Password field, click the "Update" button.


  • In the second step, you will set your Authorization Code. You will use this code when resetting your Google Authenticator, which you will set in the next step. The Authorization Code must be composed of lowercase and uppercase letters, number and a symbol, same as the CuminPay account password. Click "Continue with Login" when set.

Accounts become dormant after 6 months of inactivity

Yes, the account can be operated through any of our internet banking solution.

  1. Ability to add more users to a CuminPay account is disabled for each client on default. If you are interested in adding more users to your CuminPay account, contact us to have this feature enabled.


  1. Once you have the multi-user function enabled for your CuminPay account, follow these steps to add a user:
  • Log into your CuminPay account.
  • Click "Account Management" from the left menu.
  • Select "Users" from the submenu.
  • Click the "Add User" button on the Users page

  • Log in your CuminPay account.
  • Click "Account Management" from the left menu.
  • Select "Accounts" from the submenu.
  • Fill out the "New Account" form for the desired currency.

Yes, you can change your personal details by clicking on “Edit Profile”, answer the Security Question and proceed with your changes. 


Things can be edited from in app edit profile:

1) Email

2) Birth of date

3) Preferred channel of contact (Email/SMS)

4) Address

Ask for help at info@cuminpay.com

CuminPay assures that your personal information will not be shared or sold to any other parties, If you given us the concerns by ticking the checkbox in edit profile, your email will be shared to our 3rd parties partner. 

  • NEVER share your 6 Digit PIN with anyone

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The creativity and passion of our client partners drives us to be our very best.


Jason Well

Sales Manager

I am impressed with the lighting speed in which my calls are returned, emails replied to, and solutions are provided.


Sarah Miller

Market analyst

Simple helps me save money, and grows my money with the savings account too. Highly recommend!


Susan Smith

Banker Consultant

Can't say enough about the customer service of CuminPay Suppprt. Everything is 100% professional and very responsive.


John Adam

Web developer

Works across multiple operating systems. Easy to use, and creates very secure passwords if you request them.