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Moving funds shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg, so we designed CuminPay to save you time and money when you send and receive. 

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An E-Card is a digital debit card that allows you to make purchases online or Tap & Pay through mobile apps Like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Instead of having a physical card, you manage your Virtual card details from a dashboard, and you can use it for online shopping, crypto purchases or other digital transactions.

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Our cards are more than just their good looks. Get instant payment notifications and manage card security in app. Start spending straight away with Google or Apple Pay

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With CuminPay , you choose the card that suits you, load your CuminPay card from your wallet balance and spend instantly. Pay friends and businesses — use your QR code to move funds and for purchases.

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Reach customers’ (and their friends, too) with a Merchant Wallet. It’s the easy way to help grow your business—from your barber to the restaurant in town and anything in between.


Payments are sent instantly between users on CaribPay.


We use the best encryption and secure servers to take care of your data.


It's simple and secured, we don't surprise you with high fees.

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Indian rupee

Japanese yen

Kenyan shilling

South Korean won

Sri Lankan rupee

Moroccan dirham

Mexican peso

Malaysian ringgit

Nigerian naira

Norwegian krone

Nepalese rupee

New Zealand dollar

Philippine peso

Pakistani rupee

Polish złoty

Romanian lei

Swedish krona

Singapore dollar

Thai baht

Turkish lira

Tanzanian shilling

Ukrainian hryvnia

Ugandan shilling

US dollar

Turkish lira

Vietnamese dong

West African franc

South African rand

Zambian kwacha