How to Activate Your CuminPay/CuminMall Card

This guide is for persons who have just deposited money in their CuminMall Account by visiting an agent location.

1. First, Click here to login

2. Second, click “Manage Card” from the side-menu. On mobile, you may have to click the orange arrow.

3. Third, click “Buy” in the top right corner of the screen.

We will always show you the cost of the Virtual Card before activating it.

4. Click “Buy” once you’ve read the terms for your new Virtual Card.

5. Once you’ve activated your card, your “Manage Card” should look like this.

Next, you’ll need to put spending money on your card. Keep in mind that when you deposit money to your account, that money is NOT part of the card balance. Here’s how to money money on to your card.

6. Click the arrow next to “Info” as shown below, and select “Add Funds”

7. Finally, select your wallet, which has your deposited money, and select the amount you would like spendable on your card.

8. Click “Add” once you are ready to make the money ready to spend on your card.


🎉 You’re all set, you now have money on your card!





Why use an E-Card?

  1. Convenience: E-Cards provide a hassle-free payment experience. Users can access their card details instantly via mobile apps or online platforms, eliminating the need to carry a physical card or memorize card information.
  2. Enhanced Security: E-Cards offer improved security compared to traditional payment cards. As there is no physical card to misplace or steal, the risk of card loss or theft is significantly reduced. Additionally, some E-Cards implement additional security features like tokenization and two-factor authentication to safeguard transactions.
  3. Online Shopping: E-Cards are specifically designed for online purchases, allowing users to shop from a vast array of e-commerce platforms worldwide. They offer a convenient and secure payment method for digital transactions, enabling users to easily make purchases without revealing their personal financial information.

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