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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. CaribPay is a mobile payment app that allows users to make purchases using a CaribPay debit card or by scanning a CaribPay code at participating retailers.
To create an account with CaribPay, download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, and follow the on-screen instructions to sign up.

CaribPay offers several benefits over using cash, such as not having to worry about losing cash or having it stolen.

Additionally, you’re protected by our fraud detection systems, which can help prevent unauthorized purchases.

You will also have the ability to quickly checkout at participating retailers using the “Scan & Pay” feature.

The Caribpay card can be used for online purchases which is not possible with cash.

The “Scan & Pay” feature allows users to quickly check out at participating retailers by scanning a CaribPay code at the point of sale. This eliminates the need for cash or card transactions and the retailer doesn’t have to pay the 3% transaction fee.

The CaribPay prepaid Mastercard costs $75.

There are no setup fees or monthly fees for personal account holders.

CaribPay is already accepted at all participating retailers that currently accept debit or credit cards using our CaribPay card.

Yes, CaribPay has a mobile app that is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

CaribPay uses industry-standard security measures to protect users’ personal and financial information.

The CaribPay wallet system allows users to store funds in their CaribPay account, which can then be used to make purchases at participating retailers. Users can add funds to their wallet using their CaribPay debit card or by transferring funds from another account.

More questions

  1. You don’t have to worry about how you’re going to receive money from friends and family.
  2. No more trips to the money service office, just have the money sent directly to you account.
  3. Shop and make payments directly from the app
  4. Get cash from an approved ATM.
  5. Enjoy a wide range of CaribPay, services including CaribPak shipping, bill pay, in-store and online purchases, money transfers

CaribPay is not a banking institution, CaribPay is a transaction system.

1: In person at any of our top-up locations.

2: Directly from a bank account via bank transfer.

Yes secondary cards are available to eligible family members under the Family Card Program. Participants must qualify. 

In the app, select “Freeze Card”, enter the reason for freezing and tap “stop”.

Once frozen, click “unfreeze” to unfreeze your card.

In the app, select “change pin” enter a new 4-number pin. It is not possible to recover a forgotten pin. The pin can be changed as many times as necessary.

In the app, select “change password”. When completed, enter your new password.

1: Check that your card is not frozen

2: Check that you have enough balance available for the purchase you want to make

The card can be recharged multiple times.

In the app, select “Generate Account Statement”. Select the date you want to view.

1: Check the status of your card, confirm it is not frozen.

2: Ensure that you have sufficient funds available for your purchase.

Common questions from retailers

  1. Yes, CuminQR uses advanced security measures to protect customers’ financial and personal information. We also comply with all applicable laws and regulations to ensure the safety of our customers.

A customer will need to Download the CaribPay app. After loading funds onto their CaribPay account, they can pay any participating CuminQR-enabled business.

Storeowners can expect to receive their funds within 3 business days.

CuminQR’s transaction fee is only 0.5% of each transaction.

Yes, CuminQR is compatible with all smartphones and mobile devices that have a camera and internet connection.

Can I track my sales and manage my transactions through CaribPay?

Common questions from new agents

  1. The total fee is 4% to pay-out (withdraw) and 4% to pay-in (deposit). The agent keeps 3%

We have a license with FinCEN in the United States under our corporation in Delaware. The FSRC recognizes that license for us to operate here, and distribute cards.

To perform pay-in transactions, an account holder will give you cash at the counter, you will put the cash in your register, and then document the transaction. Once it is documented, our system moves the amount from your wallet on our platform to that person’s wallet in real-time. Because pay-ins will be more frequent during this time of year, that amount should be sufficient to process enough pay-ins over a 1 month period.

You are only responsible for checking that person’s ID when they perform each transaction at your location. Every transaction that happens on our system is reported to FinCEN. So if any money laundering happens, as long as we document each transaction with the FinCEN system, we are not liable. The FinCEN system works with our algorithm to flag transactions and/or accounts.

Yes, it does. However, the maximum amount and frequency depend on the country and the account holder.

We will teach people how to use our app. We have live support on Facebook, Email, and WhatsApp. The app has its own onboarding so it hand-holds persons as they are signing up.

SugaPay had a closed-loop system. Their card lost value if you weren’t using it with certain vendors or businesses. We have a prepaid MasterCard debit card being distributed, so cardholders can use our card anywhere online or in Antigua, or worldwide that accepts MasterCard.

We verify each person’s identity and address before they are able to reserve a debit card or do wallet transactions.

Linsyx Technologies is our local incorporation that owns the CaribPay technology.